Sports Premium

Sport is extremely important at Woodcocks’ Well Primary School. An excellent PE curriculum provides huge benefits to children’s health and well-being. It prepares children to be physically and mentally active and healthy for life.

The staff at Woodcocks’ Well CE (VA) are committed to providing stimulating and exciting PE lessons for all the pupils.

Quality P.E helps the children to:

Develop gross and fine motor skills.
Learn self-discipline.
Develop leadership skills.
Learn and practise how to make decisions. 
Strengthen peer relationships.
Improve self-confidence and self-esteem. 
Reduce stress by releasing tension and anxiety. 
Develop communication skills. 
Understand inclusion and cohesion. 
Develop team work. 
Improve listening skills. 
Understand and experiences winning and losing.

Please select a file to see how children are benefiting from the Sports Premium at Woodcocks’ Well CE (VA) Primary School.


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