Our Vision and Values

“Discovering a world of wonder, empowered by God’s Spirit.” 

So our children can “live life in all its fulness” (John10:10), we give them experiences to develop confidence, independence, resilience, passion and aspirations. By developing their character and understanding of God at work in the world, children will be able to make reflective, sound judgements; having a positive impact on our wider community and society by valuing all.  


School Values 

As Julian saw God’s love, creativity and wonder in the hazelnut, we recognise the ‘fruit of the spirit’ as God in ourselves and others. 


To foster a love for ourselves and others and develop a love for learning. 

To be faithful to God, others and ourselves and be excited to grow our minds and mature in fruitful character. 

To grow self-control and be patient when working alone or together. 

To find joy in real-life experiences and learning opportunities. 

To encourage peace in others and recognise it within ourselves.

To show gentleness towards others and approach other cultures and world views with respect and kindness. 

To display goodness to all those around us, regardless of differences, creating an environment in which we can all grow healthily, happily and safely. 

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