World Book Week and a visit from Rachael Lindsay

Well what an exciting day at school we have had...and it had nothing to do with the snow! 

As you may know, this week is World Book Week, and to celebrate, we invited local author Rachael Lyndsey into school. Rachael has written six books in total, including Warrior Troll, Of Pipes and Potions and Stolen Secrets, and is currently writing her seventh book. 

Our day began with a whole school assembly, where Rachael introduced us to her trolls - the many characters in her books. She also told us a little about each of her books. We could have quite happily sat and listened to her stories all day! 

Oak and Maple Class were extra lucky today as they were set to work with Rachael a little more in their classrooms throughout the day, focusing on her first book; Warrior Troll. 

Oak Class spent the morning with Rachael, firstly learning how to speak in troll (keep an ear out at home!) and translating some sentences from troll to English and from English to troll, which was slightly more difficult. The children then looked in more detail at the cottage that the two characters, Tom and Hildie, lived in. They created aerial pictures of the cottage based on the descriptions given in the book. 

The children loved listening to several chapters of the book read by Rachael and were absolutely enthralled with the story line. Rachael just had time to share with us the treasure chest Tom had found at the bottom of the lake when out fishing! 

Unfortunately, the snow then ruined our fun and Maple Class didn't have the opportunity to take part in their writing workshop. However, this is already in the process of being rearranged. Upon her return, Rachael will once again be selling copies of her books, which she will personally sign, for £7.00. 

Thank you once again to Rachael for a wonderful morning. 




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