A visitor from Botswana.

On Monday 22nd May 2018, children were delighted to welcome Mr. Robert Cismas, a missionary from Botswana; introduced to Woodcocks’ Well and accompanied by Mrs Winterton of Mow Cop Community Church. In preparation for his visit, the children made welcome cards, researched facts about Botswana; making factfiles and sketching African animals to create a display.  They also learned a new Ghanaian song to sing during the assembly. Needless to say, Mr   S  was thrilled by the warm welcome bestowed on him. He shared with the children pictures of the schools supported by his mission in Botswana, African animals, the types of food grown, collected and eaten by the local African people and answered lots of questions asked by the children. The assembly closed with a prayer. The timing of Mr Cismas visit coincided perfectly with the marriage of Harry and Megan; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who spent happy times, during their courtship, visiting Botswana.

Woodcocks' Well CE VA Primary School

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