Collective Worship

Welcome to our Woodcocks' Well Collective Worship page.

Our Collective Worship theme this half-term is friendship.

Here you will find videos and other information linked to Collective Worship. 

Parents Prayer - May
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you that you see me in the rush of the day trying to do so many things at once and that you can be my port of calm in the chaos that can be my life! Lord please forgive me for the times I am so caught up in what I am doing  that I forget to take time to listen to the children. Help me to take time and concentration to listen to them and you fully. Help me to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.
In Jesus name

A prayer for parents 23.03.21

Dear Heavenly Father,

There are so many times as a parent and a partner I feel weighed down by the times I have messed up in the past. Thank you so much that when I seek your forgiveness you give me the strength to ask forgiveness from the ones I have hurt. Thank you that when I am forgiven by you, my past is put behind me and I stand forgiven with a slate wiped clean as far as you are concerned. Give me the courage to show my children that to ask forgiveness from You, although is humbling, is also strengthening. Also Father, I ask you would give me wisdom so that when I forgive my children or those who have hurt me that I put a 'no fishing sign over the situation' and show to those around me what it is to be able to put the past behind you by my actions and speech towards them.

In Jesus Name I pray,



A prayer for parents 16.03.21

Dear Heavenly Father

Learning about forgiving others seems so much easier than coming and talking to you, asking you to forgive me when I know the failure is all on my side. Help me to come straight to you and help me to understand you not only want to forgive me of my messes but you want me to live out a fresh start, a new beginning, guilt free and accepted by you.

Help me to live out this lesson to my children this week. That I would be eager to forgive them and not hold any grumbles against them but give them opportunities for new beginnings guilt free like you do for me.

In Jesus name I ask these things,



A prayer for parents 09.03.21

Dear Lord Jesus,

In a week of change and restart of school help us to be always reminded that we are not in this alone- that you walk besides us in the business of each day. Help us to think on how valued we are to you, that you loved us enough to leave perfection to rescue us in this broken world. Enable us to support our children to the best of our abilities and to recognise the importance of eager forgiveness of others as we remember your forgiveness and acceptance of us.

In Your name Lord Jesus we ask these things,


07.07.2020 Update:

Please follow the link below to access another fantastic video created by Neil and Ruth Winterton. 

29.06.2020 Update:

Please follow the link below to access a lovely video created by Neil and Ruth Winterton. 

15.06.2020 Update:

Reverend Philip has created 3 videos all about 'The Happy Prince'. Please watch all three videos and then illustrate a part of the story. You can be as creative as possible! When you have created your illustration, please email it over to Mrs Edwards at the email address below. When the illustrations have been received, they will be put together to create our very own collective story board!

Please email illustrations to


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