Mrs. Phillips Goes Wild !

Date: 24th Sep 2018 @ 8:09pm

Hello everyone, 

Today was the first day of my forest school training, and what a day I have had. I have learnt loads and I can't wait to get back to school to share it with you all !

When I got there this morning, I was informed that last weeks storm had destroyed the fairy village that was in the woods that we were working in. Our first job was to rebuilt their village, so my group and I made a start on our fairy mansion. We could only use things that we found in the forest... I was quite proud of what I come up with. Maybe you could come up with something better? 

Then we started to use tools to help us in the forest, we learnt how to use loppers safely and after that we were asked to go and collect 4 sticks. After that Alice our forest school leader taught us how to tie a clove hitch knot with a piece of string, which we used on each of the sticks, finally we used square lashing to tie all four sticks together in a picture frame. 

This afternoon we learnt how to use more tools safely, including bow saw and sheath knives. We also found out all about how being outside and taking part in forest schools can improve wellbeing, mental health and concentration. It has been such a valuable day and I can't wait to learn more and more over the next few days. 

Whilst in the woods today I spotted all types of different flora and forna, but my favourite was definitely this mushroom. I was told it is extremely poisonous, I will give 10 team points to anyone who can tell me it's name when I get back to school. 

Looking forward to tomorrow. 

Mrs Phillips. 

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