Life in the Forest Day 3

Date: 26th Sep 2018 @ 6:15pm

Hello everyone,

Firstly well done to all the children that got the merit shield today !! I have had another busy day, I'm absolutely exhausted. 

Today we focussed on FIRE ! Of course firstly we had to learn all about how to make an environment safe for a fire. That means ensuring the fire is contained and that everyone is far enough away from the fire. We then had to go and collect tiny sticks, bigger twigs and sticks, this is what we used as fuel for our fire. Back at the fire ground we learnt about the fire triangle, oxygen, fuel and heat. After that we made a waffle shape out of sticks on the ground then put the tiny sticks on top ( we also mixed in some magic fairy blankets ). We then used a flint to light the fire, and boom ! Mrs. Phillips makes fire !!! I was so proud of myself. 

Tomorrow we are cooking on fire... how exciting ! I will take some pictures of the food I cook.

Mrs Phillips.

P.S I found a real fairy village in the woods today ! not spotted any fairies yet though. I am keeping my eye out for them.



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