Confusing Cans Experiment

Date: 13th Mar 2018 @ 8:14pm

As part of British Science Week, we had a Science afternoon where we completed an interesting and mind-boggling experiment! Miss Rigby showed us some different cans of food and we listened to the noise that the cans made when they were shaken. From this, we made some predictions that the can that made the least noise would travel the furthest down a ramp because it was the heaviest. This was not the case! The baked beans travelled the furthest and we decided that this was because there was a balance between the juice and food product in the can. We then repeated this experiment with bottles of water to see which one would travel the furthest down the ramp. With our earlier experiment in mind, we decided that the bottle that was 3/4 full would travel the furthest. Once again, this was not the case! The empty bottle travelled the furthest closely followed by the bottle that was full. We were also surprised to see that the bottle that had ice in it travelled the same distance as the bottle with the same amount of water in it! This was a fantastic experiment as it raised lots of questions and the cans really were confusing! 

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